If you educate a man, you educate one person. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation. Deny them education and the world will suffer

Some of achievements of FAWE (N) since inception are:

  1. The construction of the 300 bed hostel for girls at Queens College, Lagos, with eight flats for teachers in collaboration with the Parent Teachers’ Association and the Federal Ministry of Education.  The building was completed in 2008.
  2. Establishment of a chapter of FAWE (N) in every state of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.  Mobilization of members in an ongoing process.
  3. Organized advocacy programme in collaboration with the Civl society Action Coalition for Education for all (CSACEFA) AND Basic Education Department of FME to achieve a 25% increase in the enrolment of girls in Basic Education In Six Northern States of Jigawa, Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara, Kaduna and Kwara States (SGENN).  This was funded by OXFAM/NOVIB and it ended in 2010 and may be reviewed.
  4. Participated in the domestication of the United Nations Girls Education Initiative as the Nigeria Girls Education Initiative (NGEI) which gave rise to the National Policy on Gender in Basic Education.
  5. The FORUM (N) is committed to the Implementation of Gender Policy by being fully involved in creating an awareness of the existence of the Policy. FAWE (N) attended the Conference of Principals of Federal Unity Schools in January 2011, gave a talk on the Policy and the Role of Principals in ensuring its implementation with the establishment of Girls Clubs.  FAWE (N) printed the policy and distributed copies to the Principals.
  6. FAWE (N) is assisting with the establishment and monitoring of “Girls Clubs” not only in Unity Colleges, but also in State Colleges where FAWE (N) has very active members.  The objective of the “Girls” Clubs is to provide girls with life skills.
  7. FAWE (N) attended the Conference of women in Colleges of Education November 2010 to give a talk on the National Policy on gender and to give copies to woman in Colleges of Education who are trainers of Teachers to pass on the Culture of gender Responsiveness that to their Students.  A conference of Violence against the girl child was held in 2006 after a Technical Committee was formed with the office of the Deputy Director (Gender) of FME full in charge.  The committee in still functioning.
  8. Two members of FAWE (N) attended a Training Programme on Gender Responsive Pedagogy in Addis Ababa.  This programme has been replicated in workshops organized for teachers in Colleges of Education in the six geo-political zones.
  9. FAWE (N) administered for four years the ambassador Girls Scholarship of USAID offered to students in junior secondary schools in Lagos State.  Empowerment workshops were organized for these students at regular intervals.  FAWE (N) received an award from Lagos State as the most friendly NGO in Lagos because of the efficiency of the scholarship programme which was extended to about 300 student.
  10. The UNN cell in 2014 organized a workshop on Sexual Harassment.  This was attended by about 100 female, 50 male students and 20 lecturers of the university, a policy on Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Institution is to be prepared as a result of this workshop.
  11. FAWE (N) gives scholarship to female indigent students in tertiary institutions and gives pocket money, provides counseling to female students who are prone to prostitution.  This programme is on in UNN and Delta University Abaraka.
  12. During the last political campaign, FAWE (N( members in tertiary institutions encourage their female students who are above 18 to vote for credible candidates.
  13. FAWE (N) organized workshops for 150 secondary drop-outs in clothing, textile, hair-dressing, catering and house-keeping in Delta State 2005, Lagos State 2007 and Ondo State 2010.
  14. A nationwide competition on reading Culture for secondary school students to encourage them to develop interest in reading literary books was organized in 2006.
  15. Six members of FAWE (N) chaired six of the twelve groups of the visitation panels to the federal unity schools in March 2010.  FAWE (N)’s experience in this exercise was that aside from poor funding the poor performance of some of these schools is attributable to poor management of the schools.
  16. Four members of FAWE (N) participated in the Enumeration of Private Schools in Lagos State in February, 2011.  This was sponsored by DFID/ESP In.  The data emanating from this exercise is still pending.
  17. FAWE (N) has organized four National Conference to date, one was on peace and “Good Governance” in 2002 in 2007 was on “Violence Against the Girl Child” and in November 17th, 19th 2011 there will be a conference on “Issues in gender Mainstreaming in the Nigerian Educational System Policies practices and challenges”.

The Advocacy Programme for access, regular attendance and successful completion of both boys and girls in school is ongoing.

  1. Workshops on Gender Responsive Pedagogy was organized by FAWE (N) for teaching Practice Coordinators of Colleges of education from the 12th to the 14th of September in the three southern geo-political zones to improve the teaching skills in Gender Responsiveness of teacher trainers and subsequently teachers in training.
  2. Workshop on soap and cosmetic making was organized for 20 women in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State 2014.  Their women are now earning a living through soap-making.
  3. Ondo State chapter of FAWE (N) produced a compendium of Women in Science and “Technology in Nigeria and Mrs. Iliya the Zonal coordinator North-West wrote four books on Life skills for the adolescents’ boys and girls.