What is GRP?

Our Gender-responsive Pedagogy (GRP) model trains teachers to become more gender aware and to adopt teaching practices that promote equal treatment and participation of boys and girls in the classroom and within and wider school community.

The GRP model trains teachers in the design and use of gender responsive teaching and learning materials, language in the classroom, classroom set-up and interaction, sexual maturation management practices, strategies to eliminate sexual harassment, school management systems, and monitoring and evaluation.

Why GRP?

Teaching quality has a significant impact on academic access, retention and performance. Yet observations of classroom practices show that many teachers, conditioned by male dominated values in their communities, apply teaching methodologies that do not give girls and boys equal treatment and opportunities to participate.

We developed the GRP teacher training model to address the quality of teaching in Africa schools and to equip teachers with skills to understand and address the specific needs of both boys and girls.

L’impact de la pedagoge le genre

Improvement in girls’ attention and performance

Greater participation of girls’ in the classroom

Improved gender relationship within schools.

Over 6,600 teachers have benefitted from our GRP training since it was introduced in 2009.

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